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    Retire Early?
    There are no limits to what you can achieve
    with the YTB Travel Program.
    We've made owning an online business easy. For only $249, you can own and
    operate your own fully functioning e-commerce enabled website which offers all
    the best cruise lines, hotels, and travel products. RTAs earn between
    60 -85% of the commissions generated by YTB.
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    YTB Travel
    Work from Home
    "Husband and a father first."
    I was a traditional business owner in the real estate industry spending
    countless hours a week working and very little time with my wife and children.
    I'm now afforded the luxury of working from home. I'm a husband and a father
    first, then a business owner. I'm now traveling the world and helping to change
    thousands of lives.

    Nakia Muhammad // Troy, MI
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    YTB Travel
    Travel the World
    "I saw an opportunity to become a travel agent
    and enjoy some of the great benefits."
    I lived in Hawaii for about 20 years and worked in the TV industry. The reason
    I joined YTB was because I have always loved traveling. I saw an opportunity to
    become a travel agent and enjoy some of the great benefits. I have been with YTB
    for 11 years and it has changed our lives in a very positive way.

    Charles Nicholson // Grand Prairie, TX
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    YTB Travel
    Share YTB with Others
    "Showing others how to have fun while enhancing
    their lifestyle and financial status."
    Working as a Church Administrator for 10 years, specializing in Congregational
    Care, I loved helping people. YTB helps me continue that Ministry by showing
    others how to have FUN while enhancing their lifestyle and financial status. The
    reward is helping others do the same!

    Jeanie & Bill Sharpless // Midlothian, VA

Is travel the perfect business? You decide...

The Facts About Travel

  • The cruise industry is the fastest growing segment of the travel industry – achieving more than 2,100 percent growth since 1970, when an estimated 500,000 people took a cruise.
  • Baby Boomer households are defined as having a head of household age 49-67. This consumer segment has high levels of disposable income, and according to the Travel Industry Association this age group accounts for more total annual trips than any other age group.
  • It is estimated that nearly 70% of home-based businesses succeed for at least a three-year period (compared to 29% outside the home-based business ventures). The higher success rate is due to the ability for home-based businesses to be operated part time around a day job.

The Concept is Simple...

Who would you buy from?

Some corporation...

Or your mom?

How does this work for you?

  • Get Paid on Your Own Travel
  • Get Paid on Other People's Travel
  • Travel as an Agent
  • No Inventory or Quotas
  • No Experience Needed

Plus... Tell three of your friends about us and when they purchase we'll waive your next monthly fee!

Join Now for only $249!

You Could Be Our Next Success Story!

Von & Sara Nickleberry

We have been entrepreneurs since 1998. We owned a commercial cleaning business for several years before finding our permanent home in YTB in 2004. We have had success due to our willingness to learn and mentor others. We look forward to making history with YTB. I love helping people create life long memories.

Von & Sara Nickleberry // Northville, MI
Renee Toppin

Before YTB I was a Real Estate Agent and single mom struggling to make it from settlement to settlement. In 2008 the checks started to come further and further apart. In 2010, I joined YTB, now my checks come closer and closer together! This business allows me the freedom to pursue my passion, writing, raise my daughter and help others.

Renee Toppin // Philadelphia, PA
Rick & Brenda Reese

Before YTB, Brenda was a burned out Real Estate Broker and I was working 80 hours a week in IT. We joined YTB to travel wholesale, write it off, and get paid to go. In 2005, I "went to work" in YTB and let my boss go -- we now enjoy a blessed lifestyle of time and financial freedom, travel, and creating precious memories to last a lifetime!

Rick & Brenda Reese // Colorado Springs, CO

Take back your freedom and start your own business today.

Owning your own business has never been simpler! All you have to do is refer your friends, family, customers and clients to your website as you work from the comfort of your own home.